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     I am a life long athlete and fitness enthusiast! In 2012 My love for fitness and nutrition prevailed and I began my personal training journey. I am proudly certified through National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), with a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) education. I hold additional certifications through NESTA as a certified FNC (fitness nutrition coach), a NESTA Certified HRP (heart rate performance specialiast), Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification, TRX Group Training, Insanity, Dotfit and American Heart Association BLS CPR/AED. Additionally, I hold my Precision Nutrition Certification in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Personally, I seek improvement and self growth with every chance I can.  Perfection is the disease of a nation, but there is always room to advance.

     As a personal trainer, nutrition and health coach I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a remarkably diverse blend of people, encouraging results with weight loss, toning, building momentum, endurance, performance etc. I've assisted in 50-100 pound weight loss victories, provided guidance toward better health; helping lower cholesterol, eliminating medications to treat Type II diabetes, depression and anxiety to name a few. I've constructed and implemented a 0-26.2 Marathon Training program that has pulled myself and several dear clients over the finish line  to one or many marathons. From where I stand, fitness and nutrition are the cure to a vast percentage of life's complications (the few we have control over). 

     Aside from physical change, my greatest goal with each client is to break the surface!  Teaming up and witnessing each individual grow as they set out and achieve their goals and accomplishments is by far the most rewarding experience. We all have battles and barriers we face in life; some more challenging than others. Conquering them, at times requires direction, guidance and STRENGTH; both inner and outer. We all have that STRENGTH, sometimes we just need  to rediscover it! I live for what I do and take pride and joy in each and every client relationship I create and build upon. 


-NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

-Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

-NESTA FNC Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

-NESTA Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist

-Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer

-TRX Group Training Coach

-Dot Fit Nutrition 

-Insanity Certified Coach

-American Heart Association BLS CPR and AED 

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